Quality Accommodation

Global Booking Service is a student accommodation specialist. 

We deliver 3 support services -

  • Homestay - for under 18, over 18, student holiday accommodation and student sporting groups
  • Study Tours - custom built and priced to meet our partners specifications
  • Academic Student Accommodation - independent living options for mature students to self manage their own pre checked and approved accommodation.

We screen properties for suitability, ensure host families have the appropriate clearances to hosts students.   Our range of services include Homestay for under 18 and mature students.  Our Concierge homestay service  includes support from Checkin to Check out, assisted airport departure, as well as property selection and matching to student and host.  This product is perfect for English immersion preparatory programs for high school and university.  StudentBNB allows students to select their own accommodation with all inclusive payment.  No need to Pay a Booking Fee, Bond or sign a lease.  Electricity, Water and bed linen included in the weekly payment.  Our online matching service allows property owners and students to match their preferences, browse and book without additional charges or penalties.  No lease, bond or booking fees! We handle the administration and payments weekly to which makes being a part of StudentBNB easy.  Australian Study Tours is our business team that focuses on delivering study tours to education agents.  These tours range from 1 week to 6 weeks on average are custom built to our clients specifications.

  1. Customised booking and management platform

    We have developed a customised student and host matching system that uses algorithms to make best matches between the host and the student preferences.  This allows for rapid matching and deployment of information to ensure a best match scenario for students and hosts.

  2. Highly interactive communication channels

    We use a combination of social media, customer built booking and databasing, algorythims and and chat groups to ensure communication flows swiftly and effectively between all parties.

  3. Safety and Security is our first priority

    Our extensive risk management strategy, homestay contracts, orientations, 24/7 support and assisted departure service ensures maximum safety for students.  Properties are regularly inspected to ensure standards are maintained with ongoing reports and communication services are developed to provide support to our education partners.

  4. Specialists in Under 18 accommodation services

    Global Booking Service has a specialist management program to support educators in delivering accommodation for their under 18 students.  From inbound and outbound airport concierge service, we also offer support checkin at departure.  Along with additional support for our hosts who provide homestay parenting support for these younger long term students.

  5. Highly Experience study tour program co-ordinators

    Our team come with years of international student experience.  Including study tours, homestay, english teaching and group tour management.  We are here to help you custom build your tours, assist with matching and delivering of tours with local educators and ensuring your tours run efficiently and smoothly.

  6. Homestay Pricing for Students

    Concierge Service – This involves screening suitable properties, clearing owners through police checks, inspection of properties and matching student preferences to host offerings.

    Detail of service offered Per student per week Twin share per week
    Concierge service  $270 per person $270 per person
    Room only $192 per person  $172 per person
    Room and one meal daily $262 per person $242 per person
    Rom and two meals daily $272 per person $252 per person
    Room and two meals Monday to Friday and three meals on Saturday and Sunday $282 per person $262 per person
    Room and three meals daily $297 per person $277 per person
    Wifi – optional extra $12.50 per person $12.50 per person 


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