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The GBS family

Hosting an International student in your home is an extension to your family.

Student Accommodation

our GBS family

Our extended family looks forward to meeting you!

Hosting an International student in your home can be an extension to your family or as simple as renting a room for them to live indepdently.  We call it our GBS Family because together we provide support, friendship, security and a safer experience to our guests.

Welcoming a guest into your home while they get orientated and settled provides them with peace of mind and security.  It allows them to focus on their study without the additional stress of finding a place to rent, connecting power and all the other challenges of setting up home.

Our GBS hosts are truly amazing at this, that’s why we can’t say enough great things about them.  The bigger the GBS community the better way say…if you’re thinking of welcoming a student or guest into your property GREAT! We can’t wait to meet you.

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Part of GBS Community

Global Booking Services provides a range of services both to students, host families, independent accommodation providers and strategic partners.

partnersHomestay student acommodation partnershipsThe GBS Family is a community of homestay and student accommodation  support.

Global Booking Services provides a range of services both to students, host families, independent accommodation providers and strategic partners. We work together as a community to promote Australia and support each other.  We work with Universities, Colleges and Schools to help ensure guests settle quickly into their home life and allow them to focus on their studies.  Because we offer services from Airport Welcome to independent accommodation and homestay we call it our GBS community.  We can only achieve these different services through the support and partnerships we have developed over the years within the education, accommodation and airport transfer industry.  Would you like to join us?

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Guest experience

The support starts for our guests from first contact

Enjoy your time in Australia

Have a great time while you study in Australia!
The support starts for our guests well before they arrive, ensuring their accommodation choice is sound, they are comfortable and secure with their arrival plans and they have all the information they require.  Once here the support continues with orientation and guidance from our GBS family hosts in partnership with our education provider partners.  We like our guests to arrive and leave Australia smiling.

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Choosing your guest

We all have our preferences in where we like to live and who we like to live with

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We each have our preferences, our likes/dislikes, which is why GBS is constantly developing and fine tuning the selection process.  Our GBS host families have choice about who and when they want to have guests stay with them.  Our students likewise can make preference selections to ensure the best possible match, this service will be ready very soon and is an exciting new way for international students and hosts to manage their accommodation preferences.