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Memory Makers

appreciate lifeOur whole industry revolves around people, study and travel. Our focus is on safety, student experience and making memories. We love the fact that students come to Australia to study and experience our way of life.  It is  a great sense of fulfilment to be able to share in that excitement individually, and as a company.  This is all because of the amazing people we work with on a daily basis – our host families, our education partners and our agent partners.

Student Experience

Together we work as a team to ensure students have the best time when in Australia.   The goal is for students to settle into their accommodation quickly, allowing them to feel welcome and a part of the family while they are here.  Our experiences hosts will assist students, familiarising them with their local area, public transportation, and points of interest, creating the foundation for the students’ Aussie experience.

Student Safety

A big part of that experience is student safety.  Every property listed with GBS is required to have a clearance to work with children for every resident over 18.  Each property is visually inspected, and hosts families are provided with training, support and guidance, agreeing to the terms and conditions of hosting with every placement.  Our goal is to ensure the safety and a friendly environment at all times, allowing students, parents and partners to feel secure in the knowledge that everything possible is being done to deliver a great homestay experience. Our commitment to student safety is outlined in our Risk Management Policy


We constantly integrate the latest technology and training with our teams.  GBS wants to provide the best possible support to our hosts and partners. We focus on 3 core elements: Safety, Experience and Efficiency (S.E.E). Our customised booking system, web integrations, and social media platforms all serve as tools to deliver a fast and efficient service.  Host families can easily register and receive free training and support in preparation for their first student.  The development of our H.E.L.P. software (Housing and Education Linking Platform) has been designed to empower students to access academic rentals in a way they never could before.   Now they can search, review, and book accommodation that has been inspected and certified as suitable for students, with all security clearances undertaken.

Team Experience

Our dedicated support team and homestay professionals have a diverse backgrounds, bringing years of international student experience to the business.  Having backgrounds in hosting, teaching abroad, English language, accounting, people management, IT and marketing makes for a unique blend of individuals.  They  bring a great sense of fun and teamwork to the office and our entire organisation.

They truly are the backbone of our business.

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Managing Director – Founder
Martin Claus