Student Accommodation

01Aug 2018

Wondering how much you get paid as a host?  we explain it all in this article…

31Oct 2017

Homestay or Roomstay, What is the Difference? Coming to Australia as an international student is a big decision, with many factors. One of the biggest considerations is accommodation and whether to utilise homestay or rent a roomstay and self cater. Preferences Students are all different and have different preferences and needs when looking for accommodation. […]

07Mar 2017

Welcome to our Student Photo Gallery!  Our families love capturing their hosting memories to share, take a look!…

14May 2016
International Student accommodation

Student accommodation consists of Private Room Rentals, Share Housing, Homestay and On/Off campus accommodation. Global Booking Service is the best choice for safer student accommodation options in Australia

25Apr 2016
Australian Homestay

Hosting an International student in your home is an extension to your family.

25Apr 2016
International student selection

Matching Students and Hosts based on preferences is our specialty, read on…

25Apr 2016

GBS focuses on a high level of standards with hosts, guests and our team to ensure customer satisfaction.

25Apr 2016

Your application to host international students We make becoming an international homestay host easy!…

08Apr 2016

Choose your accommodation! Search properties that are pre-approved student accommodation…