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Questions asked by Hosts

Students require their own furnished bedroom, access to laundry and bathroom facilities and a quiet area to study. There needs to be ample cupboard/dresser space for their belongings. Bedding is included. Adequate heating and cooling is required. They will have access to the common areas of the home, including the lounge room and kitchen.  

Assistance orientating the student into their environment on arrival including where and how to catch public transport.  Where to buy a transport card, sim card and how to find local attractions and shopping locations.  Students purchase their own transport and sim cards they just need a little assistance·

A private, furnished room with a window, a bed, wardrobe, drawers and bedside light
A desk in the bedroom or a quiet area in the home for study
Adequate heating and cooling
Utilities (gas and electricity)
Meals- A substantial dinner, breakfasts and lunch on weekends ( if requested)
Communal sundries such as toilet paper and soap and basic items such as light bulbs.
Linen and towels
Laundry access

A house key
Television access
Kitchen access

A safe, friendly, caring environment

Students who select roomstay require space in the refrigerator, as well as the kitchen cupboard.  They will do their own cooking, they have access to the appliances, cookware and utensils. General items such as toilet paper and light bulbs are included.

Students are responsible for their own toiletries and laundry powder. They may be offered a towel, however students may prefer to use their own. Students will use their own phone and personal devices. They will access their own methods of transportation, including public transportation, and will purchase their own transport cards. WiFi access is only provided if a student has selected this option in their paid services.

Roomstay provides students the opportunity to live independently in a home that has been checked by GBS for suitability and safety. Roomstay offers property owners the opportunity to rent a room to a student, without the need to sign contracts or collect any money.  Hosts have the benefit of renting a room to a student who has been security checked by the government through their visa granting process.

You can upload photos and change preferences by logging in to the website using your username and password.  Under edit photos and preferences on your dashboard tab you will see to the right an option for uploading photos that says "click here" as well as editing preferences and viewing your public web profile.

To obtain the best images, please crop your images square and the same size so they scroll evenly.  If you keep them under 2mg they will upload fast and display well.   Use jpg format.  For more information on how to make your profile look great CLICK HERE


It is the host’s responsibility to maintain insurance as defined in our Tcs and Cs.  GBS accepts no responsibility for damages or loss.  There are two key reasons for maintaining insurance – public liability and accidental damage. For peace of mind we recommend a homestay specialist insurance for more information, contact us and we will send you information in an email.  You will also receive this information when you register.

Depending on which state, every permanent member of the household who is over 18 years old will require a working with children clearance.  In Queensland this is a Blue Card and in other states a Working with Children check.  It is part of our terms and conditions that all certified accommodation providers with GBS who reside in the property must have one of these clearances.  There is not charge as you are listed as a volunteer for Blue Cards.  Once you have your clearances in place your profile will display on the website.

Sometimes accidents occur, speak calmly to the student about what has happened and let them know that there may be a small excess if you need to claim on your homestay insurance.  If your not sure how to proceed call our office to discuss and we can speak with the student for you. We request that ALL hosts maintain appropriate homestay insurance for peace of mind.  

Please treat your students as you would expect a family overseas to treat your children. Students over 18 years old are adults and are able to come and go as they please but it is important you let them know about safety and to take precautions when out at night. For under 18’s the Duty of Care is greater and this will be explained to you should you wish to host younger students.  We have detailed information on taking care of international students available.

We make it very clear to the student that they must advise you if they are going to be late.

Support in an emergency

If you believe your student is missing,  or is outside their study tour curfew (under 18) and you have tried to reach them, please notify the education provider security on the number provided to you with this student.

If you are unable to contact the student and in fact believe they may be in danger then call the police, we are also available to support you.

Over 18 students are considered adult and as such are not restricted to curfew times, however courtesy around arrival times is important for meal planning and to ensure families are not being unnecessarily disrupted.   You will be provided with the appropriate information for each student as needed

You are an embassador for Australia, GBS, the Educator and Education Agent. You role is so important to ensure students have a great experience and encourage other students to come to Australia. As a GBS Homestay Host you need to provide the student with their own furnished bedroom, access to laundry facilities and a quiet area to study. Homestay also needs to provide breakfasts (these can be on a “serve yourself” basis) a substantial cooked dinner (meat and vegetables) and lunch depending on the package selection (prepare yourself basis) on weekends. Weekday lunches are sometimes required but this is by prior arrangement and extra remuneration is provided.

Hosts must be prepared to spend time talking to their students particularly over the dinner table, this is especially important to students learning English. A Host is expected to familiarize their student with the local area and the available public transport. The student is also encouraged to share with the host information about their home country and culture. This interaction is what makes homestay ideal for students and hosts looking for a unique cultural experience.  For further information on hosting responsibilities please CLICK HERE

Student typically stay from 1 week through to 3 weeks on a study tour, sometimes a little longer.  Longer term study abroad students may stay for one semester to a full year or more.   With GBS extensions are by mutual consent and either party can terminate the accommodation agreement with one weeks notice to GBS at any time.  Under 18 students are legally required to stay in homestay for their entire stay.  StudentBNB guest extend by putting through a new booking request once their current one is due to expire.

You will be paid by Global Booking Services weekly. Regular payments are normally processed by COB Tuesdays in advance.  Payments are calculate from Sunday night to Saturday night in advance. If you have a query about your payment please wait until Wednesday before emailing accounts@homestaybookings.com.au so they can check for you.

Study Tour group payments are processed on Thursdays, any questions regarding your tour payment please wait until Friday to contact accounts@homestaybookings.com.au so they can check for you.

Please click on hosting students on the top of the page for a detailed break down.

Telephone- Students are encouraged to have mobile phones and they can get  international calling / sim cards from most schools and Newsagents
Food, if they have not selected a meal plan
Personal toiletries

Transport to and from school unless by prior arrangement

Their own way to/from accommodation from airport (hosts are never expected to collect or drop off students)

Up to two homestay students is tax-free (non assessable income).  For more information go to this site.  If you are on centrelink you should check if this income will impact on your centrelink payments before accepting a student.  All advice regarding income should be directed to your accountant for formal advice.

NO, GBS charges nothing to register your property.  Registration and support is free of charge to hosts.

Students are expected to respect the family they are staying with and abide by your house rules.  We will provide the student with a basic guide to homestay, but it is a good idea to let them to let them know your meal times, security procedures, washing schedule etc. when they first arrive.

Just as you are expected to treat students as part of the family, students are expected to act as a member of the family and keep their room tidy and help around the house just as any family member would. It is hoped that students will join in with family activities, have dinner with their Hosts and not lock themselves away in their rooms. Of course this can’t be enforced, only encouraged. Students are expected to let you know if they won’t be home for dinner or will be staying out overnight. They are not allowed to bring friends home without your permission. This applies to  all students.

We conduct visual home inspections by appointment through our online calendar. 

1. You must have already registered with us and set up your profile and you will receive an email with a link.

2. The majority of inspections are carried out on Thursday and Friday each week nationally.  If this time frame does not work for you please email us directly at contact@homestaybookings.com.au and request an alternate time and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please CLICK HERE if you are ready for your home inspection

We send you your blue card electronically or you can download a form here. 

Here's what is important:

  1. All residents in the property who are over 18 must hold a Bluecard to host international students.   
  2. We must site your original identification as indicated on the Bluecard form.  E.G. Drivers licence and Medicare card.  This will be done at time of property inspection.  Until we sight your ID we cannot lodge your form.
  3. One person must complete a form each and sign it CAREFULLY in the BLACK signature box, SIGN INSIDE the lines so that Bluecard can scan your signature for your card.
  4. You always select Volunteer when getting a Bluecard with us.
  5. If you wish to download a form simply click on the link below relevant to your requirement.

  • New Bluecard  (if you have never had a Bluecard or you need to renew your card)
  • Link Your Bluecard  (if you wish to host with us, Bluecard require your card to be linked to our organisation as a volunteer)
  • Exemption Bluecard (if you are a teacher or policeman then this is the form to use)

Usually this is because;

  1. not everyone in the home has a blue card or working with children clearance yet, this is required before properties go 'live'
  2. your profile is not complete or missing important information or photos

Once you are registered and have completed your profile we will send you an email with a link to book a home inspection.  We visually inspect every home to ensure they are suitable for students.  We only require to see the areas that the student will be occuppying such as bedroom and common areas.

NONE - Your privacy is important to you and us!

We only display the pictures you upload and the web description you enter into your profile.  This allows students to view and select where they would like to live.  Please keep any personal contact information out of your web description.

Once a booking is completed and guest has paid we send them your address and contact information for their arrival and to make contact with you in a separate email.

Hosts are NEVER required to pickup or drop off students from the airport.

Under 18 students are legally required to take approved limousine transport for insurance and safety reasons.  If there is an exceptional circumstance please contact us first.

Over 18 students will normally make their own way or may book a transport service through us.  If you wish to to collect or take the student to the airport purely as a courtesy of course your are welcome to do so.

Holidays are as simple as filling in a short form use the link  below and we will assist you with a temporary transfer of your student to another host.

Holiday Relief Request

If you want a break from hosting login to your dashboard, click on edit photos and preferences tab, and turn your tab from green to red - this will hide your property profile from webssite display until you turn it back to green.

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