Homestay Guest Insurance


The education industry is changing its requirements for Host Agencies and Host Families.

It is becoming a mandatory requirement for all Host Families to have a specific homestay liability insurance policy to cover them whilst students are staying with them. This type of cover has been difficult to source in the past. Often Host Families have believed, and Host Agencies have had to accept, that this requirement is covered in a standard Home and Contents insurance policy. This is definitely not the case.

It is important to note that your existing policy, no matter which insurer you are with, will more than likely not extend your liability insurance to provide coverage for Students whilst they are staying with you. Students are regarded as ‘paying guests’ by the insurance industry and any claim raised against you by a Student will generally be excluded.

Please contact your insurer to ask if they will extend their policy to incorporate liability coverage for paying guests (i.e. Students). Most will not !

If you are uninsured, and a Student suffers an injury in your home and you are found to be liable, the cost could run into millions. Without proper insurance cover you could find yourself in a dire financial situation.

Times are changing and we do not want any of our Host Families to be exposed in this way.

If your current insurer will not extend cover, we can recommend a product that has been developed to specifically to address this need. It is called Homestay Host Insurance Plus, and this policy covers you whilst Students are staying in your home. The cost is $110 for $10million liability cover or $120 for $20million liability cover, and it also incorporates other important benefits that your existing insurer may not cover including accidental damage, identity theft, replacement of locks and keys and fraudulent charges. The Homestay Host Insurance Plus policy is not a replacement for your current home and contents insurance policy; rather it is a supplementary policy that covers you for key Homestay related risks not available under your existing policy.

More information is available at or by calling toll free on 1800 88 11 34.

The policy can be purchased quickly and easily on-line and you will be instantly issued with your Policy Document and a Certificate of Currency. This cover is only available to our certified Homestay Hosts, and as such you will need to enter the code AUS08 as the special identification number in the online form in order to purchase the insurance. A confirmation of purchase will also be sent to us, so you do not have to send us any additional insurance information.

Please note that we do not earn any commission or benefit from recommending this policy, this information is simply offered as a service to our valued GBS Homestay Host Families.