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The favorite things about Canberra is the bounty of bike and walking trails.  Great for students that like the outdoors, fresh air and exercise.  There really isn’t anywhere you can’t get to by bike – though, sure, it’ll take longer. You’re also right at nature’s doorstep, so you don’t need to go far to take a break from the city if you need it. Sydney, Bateman’s Bay, and Thredbo are also within easy driving distance for a big weekend, the beach, and snow, respectively.  Being the capital territory of Australia it attracts a number of international students each year for a range of study options.

With our strong partnerships with educators, education agents and host families we bring a fresh approach to the homestay experience for everyone.

Global Booking Service brings a new and modern outlook to Homestay and student accommodation.  We have enabled hosts / property owners and students to have much more control.  Students can manage their own bookings and hosts can manage their own property dashboard.

Information for International students:

In the past students have always had to rely on other people to choose their homestay property for them.  Now with our customised student booking system H.E.L.P. we have enabled students to enter their property preferences and our system does the searching for them, matching preferences to host properties and only displaying properties that:

  1. are currently available to book
  2. match desired preferences such as bed size, meal options, location

As a student you can:

  • view properties online – but not personal information
  • check distances and public transport information
  • review information about each property that hosts choose to display
  • check if other students are staying in the property that they may wish to stay with
  • refer the property to their friend if they would also like to live together.
  • Once decided on a property, guest can go ahead and book, GBS take care of the rest.  We then notify the home owner of a booking, raise initial invoice, handle payments and confirm bookings with all parties.

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Information for Hosts

Like to join our amazing team of international homestay families across Australia?  Excellent!  It’s very easy to register your property on our property site where students can review where they want to stay.  Your personal information is kept strictly private until your booking guest has paid.

Global booking service has the first fully interactive website designed for hosts and students to be more in control.

As a host you can;

  • Manage room available
  • Update current occupants information if another guest is staying not booked through GBS (this helps when students want to be sure they are staying in a mixed culture environment)
  • Update your profile whenever you want
  • Change images on your web display whenever you want
  • Check your students in on arrival
  • Check your students out on departure

Ready to get set up to host students?  Great!  Let’s get started…

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