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Homestay Student Housing

List your Spare Room, Apartment or Granny Flat to provide Student Accommodation.     

Thinking about having an international student stay with you? We want to say right from the start – you’re our favourite kind of people!

Rent a room for Student Accommodation
Rent a room for Student Accommodation

Host families are caring, fun, outgoing and nurturing – the sort of people we want in our GBS Family.  We also recognise that hosts need to enjoy additional benefits!  You will receive from $220 up to $810 per week based on your selections and rooms available.  For longer term students, study tours may vary slightly.  Experience and enjoy different cultures, make new international friends, and get to share our beautiful country with your guests.

We want homestay to be fun for everyone, and we’ve made it really easy to get started!

Becoming a host with GBS is easy as 1-2-3!  Have a quick read through and when you’re ready, your application is below waiting for you.

1- Application Process – Complete the application form below with your details and preferences – it’s really easy!  Your host application then goes to our GBS team, who will check things over and send you an email, which will outline the next steps.  You’ll be a certified GBS host in no time!

2-  MoU and Orientation – Now that we’ve received your application, we will send you links and passwords to our

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), and our orientation.

The MoU outlines the responsibilities of a GBS host.  The orientation will support you as a host of international guests, and provide some cultural awareness information so that both you and your guest enjoy a great homestay experience!  Have a read through, and at the bottom, you’ll see you can digitally sign off on both (so cool!). This can be completed whenever you’re ready – but the quicker it’s done, the quicker we can organise the last step and meet you! 

3- Home Visit – You’re almost there!  When we’ve received your MoU & orientation sign off, one of our GBS team will be in touch to organise a home visit, ensuring everything is ready to go to host your guests!  We respect your privacy and will be discreet, inspecting only those areas and things relevant to the guest who will be staying.

Once your home visit has been successfully completed and all paperwork is finalised, you’re ready to host guests – it’s THAT easy!  Let’s get you started…it only takes a few minutes to become a host!

We are looking forward to having you join our GBS Family!