Host Responsibilities

Homestay host responsibilities:

  1. host responsibilities with Global Booking ServiceIt is the hosts responsibility to take all steps to protect the health and welfare of the guest while in their care.
  2. Not entering into any private financial arrangements with the guest. Doing so will immediately cancel any further agreement with GBS and you will be removed as a host with GBS.
  3. Providing a clean, welcoming, caring and supportive home environment in which the guest will live
  4. Explaining clearly all household rules and briefing the guest fully on the use of household equipment and facilities
  5. Regularly interacting and pro-actively communicating in English with the guest
  6. Providing an English-speaking environment for the guest including for non-native English speaker hosts
  7. Making all efforts to honour the commitment made to host a guest for an agreed period of time and, if unforeseen circumstances prevent you from fulfilling a hosting commitment, providing the guest and GBS with as much advance notice as possible
  8. Ensuring the guest is able to maintain privacy and security for their personal belongings and affairs
  9. Providing GBS with all relevant and up-to-date information regarding members of the household, including pets, as well as any significant changes to the house (renovations etc), the number of people/guest staying in the home, and details of frequent visitors
  10. Providing photos on the website that are of my property, and are a true reflection of the home’s current representation
  11. Treating the guest as a member of the household, while respecting any different cultural backgrounds, and being appropriately diligent with the guest when giving permission for outings, having regard to the guest’s age, maturity and reliability
  12. Making a concerted effort to be aware of the guest’s general whereabouts at all times
  13. Responsibilities include contacting GBS immediately if a critical incident arises with the guest (refer to managing Critical Incidents )
  14. Providing a bedroom solely for the guest, containing a bed with linen, desk, lamp, sufficient lighting, waste paper basket and appropriate storage space for clothes and personal belongings, as well as access to bathroom, toileting, kitchen and laundry facilities
  15. Providing the required meal services as requested and paid for by the guest, and practice flexibility in providing meals on any public holidays that may fall on a day that a guest would not normally pay for the meal service
  16. Being flexible in regard to food, taking into consideration the homestay guest’s eating habits as well as their country of origin and providing well-balanced meals
  17. Ensuring that the guest has ready access to the house during the period, whether by provision of a house key or any other suitable arrangement
  18. Assisting the guest with understanding the transport options to and from campus
  19. Ensuring that no more than three international guests (including guests placed by GBS, any non-GBS guests and any guests who are friends of the family) are staying at the home at any given time.
  20. Not expecting the guest to be available for child-minding or babysitting
  21. Completing the orientation provided by GBS
  22. Ensuring home is covered by all appropriate insurance to host guests, either through your own contents insured or through Homestay HostPlus

Further information is provided in the Terms and Conditions