Homestay what is it? and how to Register or Book?

What is Homestay, Hosting, Host Families?

These may or may not be terms you are familiar with.  Maybe you have heard of student exchange, study abroad or student housing?  Many families are experienced at home stay having accepted students into their homes while their children were still at school.  This is often referred to as billeting students which was often for free by local school families.

please note:  If you already know about homestay and simply wish to register you can click on this button…homestay registerStudent accommodation has come a long way over the last 10-15 years. What we really want to do is explain homestay and how it works to those who have never had the experience.

Students coming to Australia do so normally to study and practice their english skills or hone their education to enhance job opportunities back home.  The best way they can do that is to live with a native speaking family.  This is Home stay and the people who offer the accommodation are called hosts or host families.

International Study and student accommodation
Homestay, Hosting, Host Families – supporting students

These homestay programs are put together by schools, colleges, education agents and universities to create cultural diversity and attract overseas students to study here in Australia.  It is a major source of revenue for the Australian Economy with up to 500,00 students visiting Australia in 2016 alone which has been steadily increasing.  These study abroad students either come in an organised study tour or arrange to study here as part of their degree.  Study tours operate during the student’s holiday periods between January and March and again in July through to September.  Each tour can be anything from 1 to 6 weeks in length and range in size from 10 to more than 100 students.  Ages of students also vary from early teans through to mature students in their 20s and 30s.  Tours can include intensive english, excursions and free time for the students to immerse in our culture, language and overall Australian lifestyle.  Students that arrive to study for longer periods often arrive and spend anything from one semester to the full length of their degree.

Home away from home

homestay families
Homestay is about having a home away from home

Families who support international students in their home are also compensated for providing room, power, water and quite often a selection of meals.

Part of their support is to ensure the student feels comfortable, receives quality meals, has a safe place to relax and assist them in orientating into their new environment.  Many students that come to study in Australia end up making lifelong friendships long after they have finished study and started their own families.

The impressions left by these experiences are often profound which is why it is so important that Host families understand and are dedicated to ensuring a great experience for their guest.  GBS works very closely in selecting families, ensuring they are both suitable and provided with all the information needed to support them with this.

If you would like to be a part of this exciting industry and have a spare room available we can help you get started right now!

register for homestay as a host family

Student Arrivals

GBS Families: Select tours and students that match your ability to provide accommodation by taking a ticket to match and we will contact you to confirm.

Student arrivals

Interested in hosting a study tour or long stay university student in your home or student accommodation?

register for accommodation

Click on this link, look at the student arrivals and let us know your interested by clicking interested on the event and by selecting the individual or group that is arriving into Australia.  Once you’ve done that we’ll get to work to match you with your choice subject to suitability.


Accommodation Options – What’s included

Student accommodation consists of Private Room Rentals, Share Housing, Homestay and On/Off campus accommodation. Global Booking Service is the best choice for safer student accommodation options in Australia

Accommodation Options

Student Housing Accommodation, Homestay
Seeking Student Accommodation

So, you’re researching what type of Student Housing Accommodation options you want while you study in Australia? Housing for students can be a real puzzle. We are here to assist you with your options and provide you with information and support to help you make the decision that best suits you. There are many extra costs when you rent through a real estate agency or independent advertiser.  You may have to pay a bond, which could cost up to 4 weeks’ rent,  plus the entire amount of the monthly rent fees for the time you will be living in that accommodation.  In addition to that, there’s extra monthly costs for electricity, water and internet service.  Don’t forget that you’ll also have your food and transport expenses – so what might seem like a cheap option can often cost you much more than you thought.  Let’s compare GBS accommodation options, and what is or is not included.

host families, homestay, student housing accommodation
Homestay in Australia is a great option to get settled

Homestay Accommodation

  • your own furnished room with sheets and blanket/s
  • separate or shared bathroom
  • shared living space
  • shared laundry at your home
  • food included (per your selection)
  • electricity and water included
  • WiFi optional extra and included in your monthly fees if selected
  • additional security and a family environment
  • no bond
  • two weeks minimum stay, then one week’s notice to leave
Student housing, homestay, house share, flatmate
Private room rental gives you space, privacy and access to a larger living areas

House Share – Private Room

  • your own furnished room with sheets and blanket/s
  • separate or shared bathroom
  • shared kitchen and living space
  • shared laundry at the home
  • food not included
  • electricity and water included
  • WiFi optional extra and included in monthly fees if selected
  • additional security and family environment
  • no bond
  • two weeks minimum stay, then one week’s notice to leave

Granny Flat or Bachelor Pad

  • self-contained unit or granny flat – includes furniture and cooking facilities
  • your own room and living space
  • private or shared bathroom
  • electricity and water included
  • WiFi optional extra and included in monthly fees if selected
  • food not included
  • may contain laundry or laundry facility; can be shared
  • no bond
  • two weeks minimum stay then one week’s notice to leave
  • cleaning fee extra upon departure

Student Share

  • own room or shared room, depending on selection
  • shared bathroom
  • shared kitchen
  • shared laundry if on site; some shared accommodation does not have internal laundry
  • shared living space
  • electricity and water additional costs, usually vary in cost depending on useage and season
  • food not included
  • WiFi not included
  • bond additional up-front cost
  • cleaning additional cost

So take your time to make the right decision.  We recommend starting off in homestay or family share while you get on your feet.  This gives you the support of a local family, who will show you how to get around and where things are. This will also allow you some time to secure a property that has been screened and secured by us if you wish to live alone. We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have about making your student accommodation decision.  For more information and pricing for students – CLICK HERE

Agent Registration

Education Agent partnership, homestay, student visa, study tour, study english, study in australia
Education Agent Partnership

Okay!  So you would like to partner with a company that supports you and makes your life easier!  We know how you feel… that’s why we are here to help. 

We don’t make you sign difficult or exclusive agreements, we believe that if we look after you, both you and your customers will be happy…and then you will want to keep using us for your student housing an accommodation services!   So let’s get started! 

Here’s how it works.  GBS will provide you with a custom-branded student application page, designed with your logo. From your company website, students simply click on a link which takes them to the custom application page. Either your students or you can complete the accommodation application – whichever works best for you. GBS will pay you monthly processing fees, based on paid accommodation bookings made through your agency.  And…that’s it! We told you it was easy. Simply fill in the form below, and we will do the rest.  Let’s work together and ensure your guest has the best possible experience!