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Hosting is best described as students living in an Australian home with a host family.  It is a wonderful cultural experience for everyone and very popular with international students. It provides them the opportunity to;

  • immerse into life with an Australian family
  • practice their English
  • settle into study more easily
  • try Australian foods
  • take outings with the family
  • overcome home sickness
  • have an instant support network outside of school
  • experience Australia in a way they never could in a school dormitory or campus accommodation.

Host families are paid weekly to help us support this service and are Australian ambassadors for  Australia, Global Booking Service,  and the education industry.  A big part of the overall study abroad experience for an international student is, the welcome they feel and experience in  their choice of accommodation.  This is why homestay is so important, you are their home away from home. The benefits for host families is also often profound with the cultural experience and global friendships.  In addition, income on otherwise vacant rooms is an added bonus and becoming part of our family of dedicated hosts links you to thousands of other families with a common interest and experience.

Host mummy and precious boy enjoyed the ride.  Made it safe up and down, soo much fun and laughter, ohh my daughter will miss the big beautiful brother she had in the last 6 weeks. And i will miss everything about this beautiful boy. Thank you so much GBS Homestay and Navitas for giving us the experience and pleasure to show them our country and living   – GBS family host

“Our hosts use our chat platforms to share their experiences with us and each other.  It’s such a great community spirit and brings a lot of joy to our office as well,  we get to join in the fun.”

As a host you have control

You can select:

  1. age preference
  2. gender preference
  3. level of service you wish to offer – room only, or a selection of room and board options
  4. availability of room
  5. short or long term stays
  6. to accept or decline booking requests
  7. to display other guests basic information to assist students choosing properties


Hosting is based on matching of host and student preferences (what they requre -v- what you offer). There will be times where you simply don’t get a match because your preferences don’t align.  The more preferences you offer will mean the more possible student matches you get.

Global Booking Service provides homestay services nationally to support schools, universities and colleges to safely house international students.  To find out more about being a host in your local area select from below.

Homestay – Gold Coast

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Weekly Host Payment Rates

Our consistent national rates removes the stress of students having to search for different room pricing.  By developing a national average it makes if fairer for hosts and students.   We have also focused to ensure there is a consistency of property services being offered.

The price structure allows students to use our services to travel to other locations in Australia during semester break without having to pay additional fees to do so.  This is perfect for holiday periods when students want to see a little more of Australia.

Homestay -v- Rental

Unlike normal rentals, there are financial benefits when offering homestay.  Check the ruling on income tax for hosting international students and why this is a better option.   ATO ruling on hosting students*.

Homestay Services Provided

Single Student per week

Twin Share  per week

(2 per room own bed)

Room only rental $225 $195 each
Granny flat  $300 $172 each x 2

Traditional homestay below

Room and dinner daily $285 each $265 each
Room with breakfast and Dinner Daily $295 each $275 each
Room with breakfast and dinner Monday to Friday and three meals Saturday and Sunday $300 each $272.50 each
Room with breakfast, lunch and dinner daily $340 each $320 each
  • as each individual’s circumstances are different please seek independent financial advice.