Meet our accommodation team

'Student Experience is core to our business objective' Founding Director Martin Claus
‘Supply of quality accommodation properties and host families who are as passionate as GBS about education support are the corner stones to our company objectives of delivering a positive student experience” Founding Director Martin Claus
Our team love what we do at GBS.  Working with families that are outgoing, nurturing and excited to welcome international students into their home is extremely rewarding.   Watching the faces light up of both students and hosts on their arrival is priceless.  Reading the beautiful messages left by students with their host families on departure, sharing their memories and gratitude makes it all worthwhile.”   Our GBS team work in three key areas;

  • Client Engagement– It’s all about teamwork and customer service. Something we live and breath at GBS.  Working with agents, education providers, accommodation managers and of course our fantastic GBS family hosts ensures a safe environment for students to secure accommodation that is suitable to their needs.  No longer are they forced into only one style of living choice.  They now have the independence to move between homestay and independent accommodation without additional cost at GBS, our lifetime membership ensures this.   Scouring of website notice boards for accommodation that is not inspected or screened for suitability is no longer necessary nor safe.   GBS provides a safe environment for our guests to make their choice in their own time.  They can arrive into homestay for as little as 2  weeks while they get orientated  and then without further cost seek out the living options best suited to them.  Plus – Our lifetime membership allows them to return at any time and plug straight back into our network of accommodation options for study or holiday.
  • Strategic Partnership Management– Working with our agent and education provider partners in assisting with promoting products and services throughout our network is an important part of our support strategy.  Rather than focus on securing agreements trying to tie partners into working with us, we prefer to put that energy into offering support and customer service, knowing that the net result is a genuine desire to work together for a positive outcome for both parties.  We understand the strains of more students than beds at peak intake periods, which is why we offer support services through to full accommodation management to alleviate that stress.  We are here to help and provide solutions to allow education providers to grow and focus on core business.
  • Accounting and administration– of course everyone needs to get paid, paperwork processed and communication maintained.  Our engine room is a hive of activity and quite a lot of laughter, we are blessed with a truly great team of people who share the passion.

Whoever you talk to at GBS you will find our team motivated to help and assist with any matter raised. We understand that you, our client are our most important asset and we value our relationship with you.