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Terms and Conditions

Accommodation Providers

To be a registered accommodation host, you are required to read and accept the Terms and Conditions Agreement (Ts and Cs). Your acceptance is confirmed by ticking the box on the website, stating you agree to the Ts and Cs. While the Agreement operates, accommodation hosts are eligible to have a guest placed with them by GBS. Also by accepting a student, you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions and host responsibilities.


    • The Ts and Cs agreed by the host operates ongoing subject to change without notice by GBS; acceptance of more guests is their ongoing acknowledgement and acceptance of this Agreement.
    • I have read the Ts and Cs and the orientation material. I understand and accept my responsibilities as a host for any guest placed with me by GBS. I understand that I am only eligible to have a guest placed at my home while this Agreement is in operation. I understand that GBS may remove a guest from the home at any time for breach of the Host Agreement Terms and Conditions, or at the discretion/request of an agent or education provider. I understand that GBS may give notice to terminate this Agreement at any time. I agree to keep my contact details and availability to host up to date with GBS for the duration of this Agreement.  I will notify GBS if my total number of students being accommodated exceed the agreed maximum of 3. I understand that exceeding this number of students without written approval is a breach of my agreement with GBS.
    • I will ensure that any residents in the home over the age of 18 will have a valid current Blue Card or Working With Children Check. If any person residing in the home is charged or convicted with a criminal offence during your participation in hosting a student with GBS, you must immediately notify GBS in writing.
    • I understand and agree that this profile and my contact details will be provided to any guest matched with me by GBS, as well as the guest’s parent/guardian and caregiver, and (where applicable) their partner educational institution and education agent. I understand and agree for my contact details and address to be provided to all hosts in the host’s group, where applicable, for study tours only.
    • I agree to make my registered home available for inspection by a GBS staff member to ensure the accommodation provided meets the requirements in the Terms and Conditions. I will make myself available and communicate with GBS for GBS to arrange for, oversee and monitor a guest’s placement at my home. I acknowledge and agree that GBS is not liable for any claims, demands or suits, for injury, loss or damage incurred or arising from the conduct of a guest placed with me under this Agreement. There are no circumstances which would affect my ability to offer accommodation. If any such circumstances arise, either before or during a guest placement, I agree to inform GBS immediately. I will contact GBS if I consider it will be difficult for me to meet any of the above responsibilities set out in this Agreement.
    • If I am going away overnight while hosting a guest who is under the age of 18, and there are no residents in the home over the age of 18, I will contact GBS to discuss a suitable alternative arrangement for the homestay guest.
    • I understand that GBS may, at its absolute discretion, terminate a guest placement at any time and payment will only be made for days the guest stayed in the home. I understand and agree that any nights paid in advance must be refunded to GBS. An invoice identifying the amount refundable will be provided by GBS.
    • Should a guest wish to extend stay, they must do so via GBS directly or via the StudentBNB website.
    • I understand that I must not comment on matters relating to GBS accommodation other than my own particular situation. This includes not comparing the qualities or characteristics of previous guests with the current guest/s, or comparing the situation of other host families or guests.
    • I must not sexually harass or discriminate against another person in the course of providing accommodation to that person which is unlawful and a breach of these terms and conditions. Sexual harassment is an unwelcome sexual advance or unwelcome request for sexual favours or other unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature, in circumstances in which a reasonable person would anticipate that the person harassed would be offended, humiliated or intimidated. GBS will not tolerate sexual harassment against guests.
    • I must endeavour to put myself in the shoes of my guest before engaging in any personal conduct. Overseas guests may not be accustomed to any degree of physical intimacy, even from their own family members, and may be less able to express their feelings than their Australian counterparts. If there is any risk that the conduct will be unwelcome, or may humiliate, upset, intimidate or embarrass the guest, the family member must not engage in that conduct.
  • I understand that should a serious incident or possible offence be alleged to occur during a guest placement, GBS will support the guest to report the matter to police. A critical incident is defined as a traumatic event, or the threat of such (within or outside Australia), which causes extreme stress, fear or injury. Examples of a critical incident include: a guest missing or unable to be located; encountering severe verbal or psychological aggression; death, serious injury or any threat of these; natural disaster; issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault, drug or alcohol abuse.

If my guest is involved in a critical incident, I must advise any emergency services I would normally call in these circumstances. If my guest is under the age of 18, I understand that .the education provider needs to be contacted immediately. Should I be unable to reach the university, I will contact GBS for assistance. If at any time I believe there is a medical need or a guest’s life is in danger, I will ensure they are transported to the local GP or where necessary to hospital for medical attention. Should the matter warrant police intervention, I will contact the police.


    • Global Booking Services (GBS) sources accommodation hosts on behalf of various colleges, universities, agencies and other education providers to accommodate and care for guests within an enriching cultural and social environment.
  • A homestay offers an international guest the experience of a family lifestyle in Australia. It provides the guest not only with food and shelter, but also other assistance, including emotional support, and an opportunity to improve their English communication skills. Both homestay hosts and guests also benefit from learning about each other’s culture, the acceptance of the differences, and the development of shared aspirations. Hosting for room stay differs in that students are looking for a more independent arrangement, and may not wish to be as integrated into the family. They may also be in a granny flat or separate living area, also checked by GBS for suitability.

GBS agrees to the following:

    • Sourcing and vetting guest applicants for Study Tours and Assisted Bookings and providing them with orientation information prior to placing them in GBS accommodation with a host.
    • Providing online training orientation information to the host prior to the first guest confirmation.
    • Providing the tools, information and guidance for hosts to make the best possible match between the guest and accommodation host family, taking into account their respective preferences and profiles.
    • Providing hosts with the confirmed guest details.
    • Paying hosts on a weekly basis by direct deposit into the host’s nominated bank account for the period from Sunday to Saturday, or pro rata if the guest is staying with the host for less than a full week. Study Tour guest payments will be paid on the Thursday after arrival. StudentBNB bookings will be paid in one payment for the term booked. Payment is calculated according to the number of nights that the guest stays at the home, regardless of whether the guest’s belongings remain in a room that is occupied by the guest for the night. Where a guest resides at the home for less than a week for example, five nights, the agreed weekly payment will be reduced accordingly on a pro rata basis – converting to a per night rate.
    • Should a student encounter a travel issue, including flight cancellation, visa delay, or the accommodation is not as depicted, GBS will refund the student at our discretion.
    • Should a student need to be removed from the home after a host payment is made, the host must refund the money for unused nights to GBS.
    • Providing assistance to resolve any complaints to hosts and guests where an issue may arise that is not resolved by open communication between the host and guest.
    • Offering access to homestay HostPlus insurance to cover the liability of hosts to third parties for personal injury or property damage caused by an occurrence in connection with hosting a guest in the home (and not otherwise).
    • GBS is not responsible or legally liable for any injury, damage or loss incurred by the Host family that occurs while they are or because they are hosting a guest. Host families acknowledge that this Agreement is to be treated as a confidential document, and may not be shown or given to any other organisations engaged in the provision of student accommodation.
  • While GBS takes care to match guests with hosts, GBS accepts no responsibility for the success of the placement nor for any loss or damage arising from the placement or the guest’s actions.


The information you have provided to GBS, including the details provided during the initial home interview, is used for the primary purpose of providing accommodation to guests. The information collected may be used for correspondence with you and a potential or placed guest and their education institution, agent, parent or caregiver, administrative matters including database entry and guest matching, statistical analysis, compliance and legislative reporting requirements. You may update your personal information by contacting GBS or online in your property profile. You may access personal information that GBS holds about you as permitted by law. Your personal address or names are not made public on the internet. Access to this information is only available to registered users who make direct contact with you or via GBS to secure an accommodation arrangement. To access or enquire about the handling of your personal information by contacting a GBS Support Officer at contact@homestay bookings.com.au.

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