Brisbane Student Orientation

Welcome to our Global Booking Service – Student Orientation Page for Brisbane City.  Let’s get you orientated so you can get to having fun!

Hi!  so glad you have taken a moment to visit us. Our student orientation page will help guide you.  We have some amazing things to show you and we can’t wait to welcome you to Australia.  Whether you are staying with one of our friendly home stay families or in independent Global Booking Service Student accommodation, here are some helpful tips on making your stay full of fun, memories and safety.

Discover Beautiful Brisbane!

Student Safety

Swimming: Australia has some amazing places to swim, beaches can be unpredictable, so please watch this video and make sure you swim between the red and yellow flags and, follow the instructions of the lifeguards, the Gold and Sunshine Coasts are both great places for a weekend getaway or day trip.

Money:  While Brisbane is a safe destination, you should maintain vigilance around carrying and keeping large amounts of cash, whether this while you are walking around or placed in your luggage at your accommodation.  Just like a hotel,  make sure your money is secured at all times.

Late Nights:  There are many great places to visit including clubs and restaurants across Brisbane, as with any city especially those that attract a lot of tourists, if you are travelling home very late at night try to take transportation that is more secure such as a taxi or uber or travel with a friend for your own personal safety.

Transport – Getting around Brisbane

Getting around the Brisbane is Easy, you can use  rail , a train, a bus, a bicycle, taxi or Uber. Most students choose public transport so here is a link on how our Transport card works  GOCard.

you can purchase your go cards at multiple location, here are some suggestions:

  • 7-Eleven
  • News agencies
  • Tram / Train stations
  • Night Owl
  • Lucky 7

For more public transport information, time tables and maps etc CLICK HERE

Student Accommodation

Global Booking Service specialises in accommodation for students, it can be homestay, independent living or student share options in your own private room.

Homestay Experience  

Hom13estay is all about experiencing life with an Australian family.  You will live in an Australian home and see how we do things differently to your way of life. Being part of an Aussie homestay experience is amazing; our families will welcome you into their homes.  Trust us – it’s nothing like a hotel.  Our families will be working, may have young children, pets and will go about their week, cooking, laughing, working, playing and doing normal household chores.  We Aussies like to go outside a lot, so you may go hiking, have BBQ’s or hang out at the beach. Depending on your location, whatever you do, embrace it, relax and above all have FUN! You will get to practice English, help out as a family member and  make lifelong friends.  It’s a great way to create wonderful memories and stories to take home to your family.

GBS Student Accommodation

Well appointed bedrooms

We want you to feel safe and have a great experience in Australia; that’s why we inspect every property and provide you with opportunities to rent a private room in an Australian house. Live by yourself, with a friend or shared space with another international or local student.  Because we don’t charge a bond or make you sign a lease, living options are much easier.  Each property has a resident who has been certified through GBS and has agreed for you to rent space in the house. Use of areas such as the kitchen, laundry, common areas and outdoor areas are available, giving you great space to relax and enjoy your Australia international student experience.

Enough with getting around student orientation

Let’s Have Some Fun… there’s a lot of attractions in Brisbane and just an hour away by train you have all the Gold Coast has to offer

Here is a downloadable PDF Gold Coast Guide with information on things to do on the coast – CLICK HERE


Located on the northern end of the Gold Coast, you can spend a whole day here enjoying rides, looking at animals and just having fun!

Movie World

Let your imagination go wild at Movie World! Enjoy the sets, the show, the rides and the costumes which located right next to the movie sets where a range of international movies have been made.

    • Aquaman (2018)
    • Thor: Ragnarok (2017)
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)
    • The Shallows (2016)
    • San Andreas (2015)
    • Unbroken (2014)
    • The Railway Man (2011)
    • The Chronicles of Narnia:
    • The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010) 


A world of adventure awaits you. Sea World is the premier marine animal park in Australia, offering amazing attractions and rides for all ages.


You can enjoy the Australian summer in one of the Gold Coast’s best water parks: Slip and slide, swim in the wave pool and jump on their giant swing.

Currumbin Sanctuary

Filled with Australian wildlife, it’s a must see destination.  See all of our amazing local animals. Make sure you put this one on your itinerary.

Outback Spectacular

“Saddle up for a remarkable journey to the snow peaked mountains of the high country where legendary yarns come alive and one of Australia’s most stirring true stories is reborn as Australian Outback Spectacular commemorates the Centenary of the ANZACS and the heroes of the legendary Australian Light Horse.

Experience a deeper journey to the heart and soul of the High Country and be dazzled like never before by amazing animal stars, death defying stunts and stunning aerial performances. Plus, hear the brave tales of May Wirth and Red Dog all accompanied by a stirring musical score composed especially for the show, as well as popular country music composed and written by country music legend, Lee Kernaghan.

The larrikin sense of humour and competitive spirit that Australians are famous for encompasses the show and guests are encouraged to get involved as the stockmen and women from rival stations test their mateship and go head to head in some true blue Aussie challenges.”

Australian Outback Spectacular


Harbour Town

Like to shop? Well take your wallet and some great walking shoes, because Harbour Town is a treasure trove of bargains from clothing, to souvenirs, shoes, handbags and accessories, all heavily discounted.

Robina Shopping Centre

The second largest shopping centre on the Gold Coast, after the recently redeveloped Pacific Fair, covering 34 hectares (84 acres) in the suburb of Robina, with 7 anchor tenants and over 350 retail outlets covering over 130,000 square metres.

Pacific Fair

Feeling more like a luxury resort, there are areas to lay down and relax, multiple eating choices and both top end and bargain shopping to be had.  The largest shopping centre on the Gold Coast, you might need to visit a couple of times to see it all.

Accommodation Options – What’s included

Student accommodation consists of Private Room Rentals, Share Housing, Homestay and On/Off campus accommodation. Global Booking Service is the best choice for safer student accommodation options in Australia

Accommodation Options

Student Housing Accommodation, Homestay
Seeking Student Accommodation

So, you’re researching what type of Student Housing Accommodation options you want while you study in Australia? Housing for students can be a real puzzle. We are here to assist you with your options and provide you with information and support to help you make the decision that best suits you. There are many extra costs when you rent through a real estate agency or independent advertiser.  You may have to pay a bond, which could cost up to 4 weeks’ rent,  plus the entire amount of the monthly rent fees for the time you will be living in that accommodation.  In addition to that, there’s extra monthly costs for electricity, water and internet service.  Don’t forget that you’ll also have your food and transport expenses – so what might seem like a cheap option can often cost you much more than you thought.  Let’s compare GBS accommodation options, and what is or is not included.

host families, homestay, student housing accommodation
Homestay in Australia is a great option to get settled

Homestay Accommodation

  • your own furnished room with sheets and blanket/s
  • separate or shared bathroom
  • shared living space
  • shared laundry at your home
  • food included (per your selection)
  • electricity and water included
  • WiFi optional extra and included in your monthly fees if selected
  • additional security and a family environment
  • no bond
  • two weeks minimum stay, then one week’s notice to leave
Student housing, homestay, house share, flatmate
Private room rental gives you space, privacy and access to a larger living areas

House Share – Private Room

  • your own furnished room with sheets and blanket/s
  • separate or shared bathroom
  • shared kitchen and living space
  • shared laundry at the home
  • food not included
  • electricity and water included
  • WiFi optional extra and included in monthly fees if selected
  • additional security and family environment
  • no bond
  • two weeks minimum stay, then one week’s notice to leave

Granny Flat or Bachelor Pad

  • self-contained unit or granny flat – includes furniture and cooking facilities
  • your own room and living space
  • private or shared bathroom
  • electricity and water included
  • WiFi optional extra and included in monthly fees if selected
  • food not included
  • may contain laundry or laundry facility; can be shared
  • no bond
  • two weeks minimum stay then one week’s notice to leave
  • cleaning fee extra upon departure

Student Share

  • own room or shared room, depending on selection
  • shared bathroom
  • shared kitchen
  • shared laundry if on site; some shared accommodation does not have internal laundry
  • shared living space
  • electricity and water additional costs, usually vary in cost depending on useage and season
  • food not included
  • WiFi not included
  • bond additional up-front cost
  • cleaning additional cost

So take your time to make the right decision.  We recommend starting off in homestay or family share while you get on your feet.  This gives you the support of a local family, who will show you how to get around and where things are. This will also allow you some time to secure a property that has been screened and secured by us if you wish to live alone. We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have about making your student accommodation decision.  For more information and pricing for students – CLICK HERE

Student Housing

Choose your accommodation!

Take control! Select accommodation with StudentBNB

See photos, distances to your school, and available properties! You can select from homestay, roomstay, or independent living. Choose your own preferences, with or without meals. No bond, no lease, no placement fee, no minimum stay.

Select from Home Stay, Room Stay, share housing, or apartment style / granny flat options 

 Below we have explained a little about each type of accommodation to help you decide.

Home Stay

GBS Homestay families are trained to assist you feel at home in Australia. Whether you want to stay for a few weeks or a few months, when you stay with a GBS Certified Host, you know you’re in good hands. Our Homestay families will help you get around and get settled in your new surroundings. Your accommodation with a GBS Family Host means that all of your expenses are covered, including the meal options you choose, PLUS you will have the safety and security of a family environment. You can also practice your English with your family in your homestay home.

Independent Living Options

Prefer your independence?  Our independent living options give you choice! These include Room Stay, granny flat or student share house options. All of our accommodation options are inspected and screened for your increased peace of mind.

If you would like a little more information read on below…

Room Stay – your own furnished room in a house with a family. Cater and cook your own meals. You have access to a laundry, kitchen, and common areas of the home, and the knowledge that you have family support nearby to assist you if you need it. Nothing beats the feeling of family in a home away from home.

Granny Flats – your own private space, self-contained with basic furniture, linen and cooking utensils so that you can live by yourself or with a friend/partner. Allows time for study and reflection, with the freedom to come and go as you wish. With GBS, your utilities (gas, power, electric, water) are all included. Essentially, you will have a place to call your own for the same or less than it would cost you to stay in a back packer accommodation.

Student Share – shared house or flat/apartment with other students where you have your own room, but share all of the other facilities in the property. Unlike rentals, GBS provides house share options for students where one, two or three students can live together in a large Australian home without the need to pay a bond or sign a lease. This option gives you the ability to move if you find the property or the people you are sharing with a not the right fit for you.


Student Accommodation