Finding accommodation use to be tricky for international students.  The options were;

  • on campus dormitory style accommodation – in short supply.
  • off campus dormitory style accommodation – expensive and also means a contract and bond payment + utilities on top
  • share house with another student.  Weekly rent, possibly bond payment required, shared expenses of water, power, internet food etc
  • Homestay – booking fees required, living with a family near to the local educator, food and utilities provided often a cheaper option, not as private in some cases – reliant on an agency or school to select the property and family with out any control.  This is perfect for younger students, but more mature students often want more say in where they live.

and then STUDENTBNB Arrived:

  • Self service search
  • viewing of properties
  • no bond required
  • power and water included
  • no time restraints or contracts
  • no booking fees
  • secure payment online
  • properties are all pre screened and cleared
  • national pricing making it easier to make a selelction