More about HomestayThey arrive by the thousands. They are seasonal. They come to our shores in search of food and a place to stay. They enjoy their time, they learn new skills and move on. What do you think they are?  Nope, they’re not whales. Or migratory birds. They are international students, and they come to our shores for short term study tours from all around the world! And, we love welcoming them!

Summer and Winter – Australian study tour seasons

Study tour seasons are a busy time of year for student accommodation. Australia welcomes visitors during the year with study tours, with peaks from January through April and again in July through September. What’s busier is the preparation prior to their arrivals! The logistics behind getting 500+ students organised for a short stay in Australia are quite challenging. It’s not just about getting beds to sleep in. There are dozens of tasks that go on behind the scenes to ensure the tours run smoothly. Matching guest and host preferences is just the tip of the iceberg! 

It’s a great experience

Study English AbroadIt’s a great experience for not only the students, but also our amazing hosts who open their homes to students from 2 weeks to 3 months and more each season.Homestay Student AccommodationFamilies can easily register on our website if they would like to host a student. You will find support and training, and we take you step-by-step through the process so that from the very beginning you will be able to enjoy the experience from start to end.student home stayStudents have the option of Room Stay or Home Stay allowing them to choose between room and board or room rental in a home that has been checked and certified as suitable. This offers both students and hosts peace of mind, knowing that support is available and checks have been completed to offer increased safety.We are welcoming students currently in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Perth for a range of programs including General English, Study Tours and Under 18 preparation courses.