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Complete the guest application below and your very own concierge will take care of your booking.  Our professional concierge team manage your accommodation booking start to finish.   Accommodation rates are displayed in the application form for your convenience. We will  assist you by;
  1. selecting a property as close to your educator as possible
  2. providing all confirmations in writing
  3. manage all your payments with the host so you never have to discuss money
  4. ensuring the property is fully inspected for quality and ready to accept guests
  5. has been security checked with all adult residents holding appropriate clearances
  6. meets your defined preferences.
  7. ability to change accommodation within our network of properties without financial penalty during your stay.
  8. access to your concierge team via, online chat, telephone, email or contact form.
  9. 24/7 emergency number
  10. airport welcome and airport departure with assisted check in if under 18 or requested
  11. our support does not stop there, we are here to assist throughout your stay

Just sit back and relax while we get to work.