Student Guidelines

Student Guidelines – Accommodation with Global Booking Service

This page offers guidelines to students staying in GBS accommodation.  GBS offer a range of accommodation from room and board (detailed information sent with bookings) to Student BNB offering a shared accommodation option for students who rent rooms in privately owned homes, where the property owner is in residence. With Student BNB the owner/s will still be available to offer student support and guidance if and when required.

All properties are checked by GBS for suitability and safety. Property owners are required to complete an orientation, and are screened to ensure a safe and supported environment. Any permanent residents in the home over the age of 18 must hold a valid Blue Card or Working with Children Check.

Students should be aware of the responsibilities and expectations of living in their shared environment. Use of the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry facilities are available, and used in consultation with the other residents. It is expected that students maintain a clean and tidy environment in their rooms and in common areas, including the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and any lounge areas.

 Owners should be aware

Property owners should be aware that students are over 18 years old and should not have a curfew, however may advise students to be mindful of other residents if coming home late. Remember that students may not bring much clothing with them when travelling and may need to do their washing more than once a week, especially in hot months. Students may also wish to have more than one shower a day. Property owners should also show students how to operate appliances, and where to find cookware and utensils for use.

Student responsibilities

Students are responsible for doing their own washing, cleaning and cooking. Students are expected to purchase their own food and prepare their own meals if they are not on a meal plan. Preparation of meals should be done at a reasonable hour so as not to disturb or awaken other residents in the property.   Students should be mindful of any washing up required after their meals. Students must also be mindful of time spent in the shower and in the bathroom, and ensure lights are turned off in rooms when not in use or at night when sleeping.

On arrival, property owners will be available to share information about local amenities, including supermarkets, public transport routes and options, restaurants, etc. They will also show them how to get and use the local cards required for public transportation.

Should there be any concerns, it is best that hosts/students communicate with one another in a timely manner. Most issues are simply misunderstandings and can be rectified with a quick chat. If discussion between property owner/student does not alleviate an issue, we are here to assist.