Homestay or Roomstay, What is the Difference?

Homestay Australia

Coming to Australia as an international student is a big decision, with many factors. One of the biggest considerations is accommodation and whether to utilise homestay or rent a roomstay and self cater.


Students are all different and have different preferences and needs when looking for accommodation. Finding availability and the right fit can be an overwhelming experience, especially in a foreign country. At GBS, we understand this, and have created a safe product for students called roomstay.

Homestay, Roomstay


Roomstay is designed for students who want the independence of living on their own, but with the security and safety of living in a home. All homes are inspected by GBS, and all occupants over 18 have Blue Cards or Working With Children checks.

This provides international students the ability to live independently, doing their own shopping, cooking and laundry, while having the safety of living in a GBS checked home. The other advantage for students is that they have all utilities included in their weekly fees, including internet, as well as their bedding. There is also the benefit of no leases or bonds to be paid, and the flexibility to move with just a week’s notice.

This is also a great product for hosts as well. All monies are transacted by GBS; there is never a need to collect rent from guests. There is no need to cook for the students, and they have the opportunity to rent a room without screening candidates. And if hosts are no longer wanting to host a student, for whatever reason, they have the flexibility to give one week’s notice to the student. GBS will then assist with finding another roomstay for the student.

Roomstay has proven to be a popular choice for GBS international students, as well as hosts! We have been delighted to offer students this option, meeting their need for safety, independence, and financial viability.