Knock knock! Your student has arrived – now what?!

Now your student has arrived it seems pretty easy, but getting students acquainted to a new country can be a little bit challenging, especially with a language barrier. Once greetings are made, there are a few things to do to get your student set up, not just in your home, but in Australia!

Show them around the home – their room, bathroom, kitchen, laundry, common areas, cupboards for use, etc. If they are a no-meals or roomstay student, show them where they can put their food, maybe make a shelf in your fridge for their things. Show them appliances they can use, where utensils are. If they opted for WiFi in their preferences, show them how to log on in your home. Share your mobile number with them. Give them a house key, or show them how to use keyless entry.

Your student will also need to be familiar with the following:

  • student arrived how to use public transport – show them where to get the required ticket or pass, and how it works. Show them where they can get public transport routes, via internet or apps.

  • getting to and from school – maybe do a dry run with them to get them familiar with the route. Advise that not all routes will be available in off-peak hours.

  • safety – let them know how to contact local police, or emergency services. Talk to them about general safety in Australia, and what things to be mindful of.

  • sim card student arrivedphone – advise where they can get a sim card and how it works; they may not realise how expensive data is here in Australia!

  • food – they may want to buy their own snacks or meals. Point out where they can purchase items. You may also want to ascertain if they have any allergies or food aversions to help you with meal preparations.

  • house rules – most hosts have a list printed out for reference. Info includes water usage, laundry, cleaning, bathroom times, etc. If you need sample rules for your home, feel free to ask us!

Settling your student in and teaching them about their local area will help them feel more comfortable, and will help build your relationship and trust. You will find many other things to discuss with your student!

Having an international guest is a rewarding experience, especially when everyone is aware of their surroundings and expectations. Enjoy!

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