Homestay Profile Tips and Hints

Want more international students in your home?

Start by building a great homestay profile – here we tell you  how!

Registration – The starting point and of course it’s free with GBS

If you’ve registered you now have your login and would have set up a basic profile. Now you can start polishing it to maximise students viewing your property site.  If you are not yet registered then let’s do that now, click on the button.

Register Online

OH NO, Lost the Password?

Don’t worry it’s easy to reset it.

Lost Password

or Click on the Login button and you will see directly under where you enter your password “forgot password? Click on that, enter the email you use and press get “new passord”  A link will be sent to your email account to reset your password.

Website description 1st key

There are two keys to a great profile – website description and photos.  Think about what students need to know and what they want to know, such as:

  • How would you describe your house to a stranger coming to stay?
  • What are the dynamics like living in your house, what can they expect?
  • What things are nearby that might interest them e.g. shopping, entertainment, food

Remember this is about attracting them to your property and also setting realistic expectations, so keep it informative, factual and helpful.  do not enter any private information like contact details or address, this is provided to the student AFTER they have booked and paid.   Here’s is a sample guide for you:

The property is airy and bright with a large open living area, a well designed kitchen with 3 good sized bedrooms and a nice backyard to relax.    Located a short walk to public transport, you can easily get to the local shopping centre in 15 minutes and there you will find restaurants, cinema, shopping and a fitness centre.   Central to  number of schools and local universities you will find this home clean, fresh and welcoming.  There are two residents in the home myself and my partner.  Our 3 spare bedrooms are set up with a study desk, lamp and chair to offer comfortable, quiet and private accommodation for students.  The bathroom is only used by the students and is roomy with a privacy lock.  We have ceiling fans in the rooms and the main living area also has air-conditioning installed.

The purpose of the web description is to encourage students to take a closer look and then, send in a booking request.

Photos 2nd key

Photos play a big part of attracting a student so if you don’t have any loaded don’t be surprised if your bookings are quiet, students are visual.  So here are a few tricks…  Make sure your photos are all similar size.  preferably square, and good clean resolution. Remember, students want to be able to visualise living in our home and what their room is going to be like.   Taking a little time to get this right will pay off with the sound of happy students on arrival.

Dashboard – The basics

Keep your profile up to date.  Take a moment to check students in on arrival.  Keep your room information up to date and make sure you load any additional students you may have in your home into your dashboard so that students looking can see who else is staying with you.  Many students wish to live with other cultures not their own so they have to practice english and others want the extra support.

  • The dash board is easy to navigate and you can update information in seconds.  

(1) room requests – Booking request will show up here, you will also receive an email to confirm or decline a booking.

(2) students accepted –  Once you confirm a booking your student’s details will appear hear.

(3) edit photos and preference – displays items 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 below

(4) contact info – your registration contact information.

(5) add property – after initial registration this is ONLY USED if you are registering a second property

(6) room availability control – If you have another guest staying in your property you can book out the dates the room is occupied and load the guests basic information so that your property displays accurate occupancy information.

(7) booked out rooms – displays the rooms that are booked out and the dates

(8) booking info

(9) review – students are given the opportunity to review your homestay at departure and you can view them here.

(10) view profile – check out how your profile looks on web view

(11) upload photos – use click here, then use the upload photos button on the next screen to upload photos, the first photo uploaded is the main web display and then the rest will rotate automatically.

(12) edit profile, if you want to change your preferences such as meal and room options or update your we description this is where you head.

(13) booked details – confirmed bookings appear here

(14) hide – hide your profile from web display

You will always get an alert from us if you receive a booking via email.  It is very  important that you keep your property availability up to date.  The reason for that is, when students search they will be getting accurate information and can make a decision there an then.

Don’t miss out on potential students by not taking care of your profile…

Host homestay profile