Studying abroad is an exciting experience. There is so much to gain from being a student abroad.

There are people speaking in different languages, exotic foods, and so many cultural differences to enjoy. One thing remains pertinent to any student traveling, for study or for pleasure – be prepared and travel safely!

Your Destination

International Student Travel Destination

Make sure you research the country where you are travelling, and be aware of any travel advice offered by the government. It is important to educate yourself on the local laws. If you are studying at a university, try to contact other students attending the school, and ask questions about the school, public transportation, ride sharing services, and any hints or tips to ensure your safety. 

Your Visa

International Student Visa

There are various ways for students to enter Australia It is important that you understand the conditions of your visa, including entering/leaving the country, duration of stay, and if work is permitted. For more information on Visas see our How do I Study and Work in Australia? blog.

Your Health

International Student Health Insurance

Ensuring that you have proper health coverage when you are abroad is tantamount. You must check to see if you need vaccinations to enter the country. If you take any medication, it is important to know if it is available in your travel destination. If you need to travel with your medication, check the requirements of the embassy or high commission of the country.

Your Journey

International Student Flights

It is important to be prepared for your journey and to know what to expect when travelling. Always make sure that your luggage, carry-on, and handbag are visible and close to you at the airport. Use locks for your suitcases, and keep the key with you on the plane. Make a photocopies or electronic copies of your passport, visa, itinerary, travel insurance policy, and driver’s license, and keep these in your carry-on bag. Do not leave your carry-on or handbag in a place where someone can easily walk away with it. When taking out your wallet, make sure you keep your money out of sight, and use caution when entering your PIN when using a credit or debit card. 

Your Whereabouts

International Student Travel Locations

Keeping your family and friends posted while travelling is important. Make sure someone has a copy of your itinerary and is aware of which dates you will be where. Keep in contact with your family via email, social media, or the phone regularly.

Your Social Life

When out with your friends, be aware of the dangers of drugs, alcohol, drink spiking, and transportation options. It is important to know that carrying, importing, buying or taking drugs can incur serious penalties in most countries, including the death penalty. Plan your trip to and from any parties or pubs/clubs, and know your limits. Make sure you have a buddy, and look after each other when out. Ensure your phone is charged before you leave your home, and make sure you know the address of your accommodation.

Your Accommodation

International Student accommodation

Homestay is one way of ensuring you have insider knowledge and a local guide to assist you to avoid costly mistakes. If you want safety and security on arrival then Homestay is the perfect orientation solution. Once you have your feet firmly planted you may opt to move into other accommodation or, make great friends and decide to stay where you are. It gives you the time and support to allow you to make an informed decision. For quality homestay support CLICK HERE and fill in your details and one of the GBS team will find you a home perfect to meet you needs.

Be vigilant, while travelling and otherwise! Safety first.