Under 18 Homestay

Caring for under 18 international students comes with additional responsibilities as a host parent.  GBS works closely with their university partners in delivering these programs with our Under 18 Host specialist families.  Families selected for these programs are approved by both the educator and GBS and must have strong paternal instincts, understand the responsibilities of taking card of younger students.  Additional training and information is provided to assist.  This is to ensure both safety and that they meet the requirement of the school/university.  Under 18 students typically are doing transitional studies, for entry into university, or entry in the last years of high school.  To achieve this they need to obtain a sound english language skill.  This is where homestay and the ability to practice english in an environment where they feel comfortable and safe is so important.

Catering for under 18 students.

  • Curfew – students have set curfews that they have to be home from school and on weekends
  • Travel Distance – students are regulated as to how far they can travel from their educator and homestay parents
  • Staying away from home –  permission must be granted before any student can stay away from their homestay family
  • Meals – 3 meals 7 days a week are provided to under 18 students to ensure they are eating a healthy balanced diet.
  • Study – Homestay parents monitor study to ensure students are attending to school work and advise if they notice any changes in behavior.
  • Family – students a monitored, supported and embraced more as a family member in these programs as they are often here from 3 to 12 months before they move on to further education.
  • Families must undertake orientation training, hold working with children clearances, and homes are inspected every 6 months or prior to the arrival of the next student whichever comes first.

Hosts that prefer to cater for an older student market (over18) work with us to deliver accommodation services through StudentBnB