Accommodation Choices for UNSW, Sydney – Australia

  • UNSW has properties that are owned and operated by UNSW, with a supportive environment of an on-site team. Community Assistants, UNSW students who live on site at each apartment complex (excluding High Street) and are current students, engage with students and act as the first point of contact should any issues arise, as well as facilitate social activities.

    There are 4 apartment units, giving you the opportunity to experience independent living within a community. Studios and flat-shares are available.

    If you prefer more freedom and flexibility with pricing…

Off Campus Accommodation Choices

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Student AccommodationStudentBNB

Provides students with the ultimate in flexibility, payment options and selection.

To search, browse and book accommodation near to UNSW head to StudentBNB booking portal. StudentBNB have fixed national pricing so you don’t have to hunt for better deals or wonder about inclusion. Each Student BNB includes Linen, laundry use, kitchen, lounge, private bedroom and shared or private bathroom. You also have the choice of room rental only and self catering or you can also purchase a range of meal options if desired, all flexible.  With StudentBNB you just pay as you go, you can extend fortnightly or monthly to help manage your budget.

  • * You are NOT required to pay a bond or sign a lease
  • *Fixed pricing on every property
  • * No placement or booking fee
  • * Electricity, water and bed linen are provided as part of your weekly rental.
  • * Simply book for the time you require and pay securely online or via direct banking transfer – SEARCH NOW

student accommodation gbsHomestay

Homestay provides the opportunity to live and experience life in Australia with an Aussie family. This service is provided through GBS assisted booking, where we will help match you to a suitable family and home based on your preferences. There is a small booking fee for this service to ensure a quality homestay match.  Homestay provides you with not only a cultural experience but also meal options and additional family support while you settle into Australia.

Safer Options. When booking accommodation through StudentBNB or Homestay you have peace of mind that the properties have been inspection and completed a certification process to ensure they are suitable for student accommodation – BOOK NOW


You can rent properties through real estate agents, sharing with other students or direct to with the public but please be aware of the following additional  costs and requirements.

  • Costs to Add:
  • * Bond – 4weeks rent plus two weeks rent in advance. Bond can be kept if property is not vacated in a suitable condition.
  • * Lease – contract committing to a set amount of time typically a minimum of 6 months
  • * Internet connection and monthly cost
  • * Electricity connection and monthly cost
  • * Water monthly cost
  • * Food
  • * Transport

Public Transport

Transport options around UNSW consist of local buses and there are also options for light and heavy rail nearby (trains). To access public transport you will require to purchase a OPEL card. This is a tap on/ tap off transit card that you can purchase and top up at 7Eleven, Local train, bus stations and newsagent. To search transport bus and train number go to Google maps and type in your departure and arrival address and arrival time and you will see distance and transport times. See the website Transportnsw for further bus and train information.

cafes and eating options close to UNSW

There are multiple options for eating around unsw

  • Lower campus Middle campus Upper campus
    Bar Navitas (H6)
    Tyree Energy Technologies Building
    T. 8068 8689
    Mediterranean menu
    Semester: M-F, 7-4. Sat, 8-3 
    Semester break: M-F, 8-3

    Coffee on Campus (J17)
    Ainsworth Building
    T. 9697 0099
    Café fare
    Semester: M-F, 6-6, Sat, 7-1
    Semester break: M-F, 6-3.30


    Biblio (E24)
    Under Mathews Theatres 
    T. 9385 8253
    Sandwiches, pasta and salads
    Semester: M-F, 6-6
    Semester break: M-F, 6.30-4
    Campus Village Cafe @ Gate 2 (B10)

    UNSW Village
    Cafe fare 
    Semester: M-F, 6-5. S-S, 7-4
    Semester break: M-F, 6.30-4. S-S, 7.30-3

    JG’s Café (F12)
    Dalton Building 
    T. 9385 4983
    Sandwiches, pasta and salads 
    Semester: M-Thu, 6-5.30, F, 6-4.30 
    Semester break: M-F, 6-4
    Boost Juice (C20)
    Morven Brown Building 
    T. 02 9662 8834
    Freshly made juices and smoothies
    M-F, 8-4
    L’Cinque Café (L5)
    221-223 Anzac Parade 
    T. 9697 2245
    Italian cafe fare
    M-F, 7-4
    Q Lounge (E15)
    Quadrangle Building 
    Cafe fare
    Semester: M-F, 6-6.30 
    Semester break: M-F, 6-4 
    Classic Kebab (E24)
    Mathews Arcade 
    T. 0435 338 516
    Turkish cuisine 
    Semester: M-F, 8-8
    Semester break: M-F, 8-4

    Coco Cubano (B8)

    University Terraces 
    T. 9663 1458
    Cuban tapas and wine bar
    Semester: M-Sun, 7.30-9:30
    Semester break: M-Sun, 7:30-4


    Quad Food Court (E15)
    Quadrangle Building
    Range of sandwiches, salads and hot food
    Semester: M-F, 6-6.30
    Semester break: M-F, 6-4


    Exchange Cafe (G27)
    AGSM Building 
    T. 0412 231 498 
    Cafe fare
    M-F, 7.30-3

    Greenhouse (K8)

    Bar with Rotating Food Truck
    Semester: M-F, 11 – 8.30pm 
    Semester break: M-F, 12 – 6pm

    Closed late November 2017.

    The Whitehouse (C15)
    The Whitehouse
    T. 9385 6088
    Boutique bar and cafe fare
    Semester: M–F, 8–7
    Semester break: M-F, 10-6

    Gradueat (E24)
    Mathews Arcade 
    T. 9313 6418
    Sandwiches and hot food
    Semester: M-F, 6-9, Sat, 6-6
    Semester break: M-F, 6-8, Sat, 6-5

    House Burger (E6)
    The Roundhouse (Opening Feb, 2018)
    T. 93857630
    Burgers, fries, wings and specials
    Semester M-F, 11am – 8pm


    Jewel of India (E24)
    Mathews Arcade 
    T. 0432 042 952
    Indian cuisine 
    Semester: M-F, 9-6
    Semester break: M-F, 10-4

    Guzman Y Gomez (B8)
    University Terraces
    T. 9191 0912
    Mexican burritos, tacos and salads
    M-Sun, 10-10


    Laksa Delight (E24)
    Mathews Arcade 
    T. 9663 3604
    Asian cuisine 
    Semester: M-F, 8.30-8 
    Semester break: M-F, 8.30-6


    Laz’s at NIDA (D2)
    NIDA Building 
    T. 9697 7551
    Cafe fare
    M-F, 8–4. S-S, 8-2


    Library Lawn Coffee Cart (C20)
    Library Lawn 
    T. 9697 3438
    Coffee and cakes
    M-F, 7.30-5


    Mamak Village (B8)
    University Terraces
    Malaysian cuisine
    Semester: M-Sun, 9-10
    Semester break: M-Sun, 11-9

    Penny Lane Bar & Cafe (C20)
    Morven Brown Building 
    T. 8056 4284
    European cuisine. Licensed.
    Upon booking, table service available.
    Semester: M-T, 7-7. F, 7 am -10.30pm

    Max Brenner (B8)
    University Terraces
    T. 9662 7555
    Chocolate beverages and desserts 
    M-Th, 10-10, F-Sat, 10-11. Sun, 10-10.30

    Southern Wok (C20)
    Morven Brown Building 
    T 9662 3847
    Asian cuisine. Licensed
    Semester: M-T, 9-6.30. F, 9-4.30
    Semester break: M-F, 9-4.30

    Maze Coffee & Food (B8)
    University Terraces
    Gourmet coffee, sandwiches and salads
    Hours: M-F 7-4

    Stockmarket (E24)
    Mathews Arcade 
    T. 9697 3438
    Salad, soup, pasta and juice 
    Semester: M-T, 8.30-5.30, F, 8-4.30 
    Semester break: M-F, 8-4

    Poolside Cafe (B4)
    UNSW Fitness & Aquatic Centre 
    T. 9385 6192 
    Cafe fare
    M-F, 6-7.30, Sat, 8-2

    Subway (C20)
    Morven Brown Building 
    T 9697 2110
    Freshly made sandwiches
    Semester: M-Th, 7.00-9.30. F, 7.00-8.30
    Sat, 9.00-5.30, Sun, 9.30-5.30
    Semester break: M-Th, 8-6.30, F, 8-6
    Sat, 10-4.30, Sun Closed (call for hours)

    Sharetea (B8)
    University Terraces 
    T. 9663 5502
    Bubble tea, sushi and Taiwanese snacks
    M-F, 11-7


    Tori by Sushi Hon (E24)
    Mathews Arcade
    T. 9663 1888
    Japanese cuisine
    Semester: M-F, 9-6
    Semester break: M-F, 9-5


    Stellini Pasta Bar (B8)
    University Terraces 
    Fresh pasta, pastries and coffee
    Semester: M-F, 7.30-6.30, S/S 9-3
    Semester break: M-F, 8-3


    Tropical Green (E24)
    The Pavilions 
    T. 9385 8029
    Vietnamese cuisine
    Semester: M-F, 8:30-7
    Semester break: M-F, 8:30-4


    Uni Bar (E6)

    The Roundhouse (Opening Feb, 2018)

    T: 9385 7630

    Bar with beer garden

    Semester M-F 11am – 9pm


    UNSW Restaurant (G27)
    AGSM Building
    T. 0412 231 498 
    Bookings essential
    M-F, 12-2.30


    Yummba (B8)

    University Terraces 
    T. 9662 3010
    Vegetarian falafels, gozleme and salads
    Semester: M-F, 9-7. 
    Semester break: M-F, 10.30-4